HOP in - Hertfordshire-wide skills portal launches online

A new website has launched to help students, employers and residents in Hertfordshire access the resources they need to allow them to make informed decisions about career-path options, apprenticeships, work experience and skills development.

HOP website logo

The Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal (HOP) will enable:

  • Residents to find information about their career-path options, including further education, higher education, professional qualifications, work experience and job opportunities;
  • Employers to reach and recruit their future talent as well as upskill and provide progression opportunities for existing staff;
  • Training providers to tailor their offerings in order to meet current and future business needs.

Funded by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, HOP was launched at last month's successful Building Your Future Talent event, hosted by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and the Hertfordshire Apprenticeship Ambassador Network.

HOP in! www.hopinto.co.uk