Award Winners Part One (Monday)

This Grant is designed to honour and support the next generation of athletes, artists, musicians, dancers and actors to change the world, fill it with innovation, integrity and ability and allow them, one day, to inspire the next generation.

Queen's Sapphire Jubilee Award Winners 2020 with their awards

Bethany Newbury

Starter Award for Dance and won first place in the 2019 UK Street Dance Competition


Dorlay Gill

Improver award for music and plays the strings for the British youth Orchestra 


Emma Rachel Pledge

Improver award for dance and has performed in the Christmas lights switch on ceremonies for Welhat.


Christina Durbin

Improver award for competing in Triathlons and represented Hertfordshire for the XC English schools comps in 2019. 


Emily Nicolson

Emily has won our Improver award for football and she has also been selected for Stevenage FC girl's academy squad, which is Herts FC pathway to future England players.