Award Winners Part Three (Wednesday)

This Grant was designed to honour our support the next generation of athletes, artists, and musicians, dancers to change the world and fill it with innovation, integrity, ability and allowing them one day to inspire the next generation.

Queen's Sapphire Jubilee Award Winners 2020 with their awards

Lily Hartley

 Starter Award for Dance and has performed in various shows and competitions, including winning 2nd place in Semi Final of That's Showbiz Competition in 2019.


Louise Fiddes

Improver award for swimming and has competed for several years and is the current World and European Champion.


James Ashton

Exemplar award for Dance and has achieved various accolades as a dancer from competitions to performing in shows and extensive TV performances such as The Greatest dancer, pantos, dance proms, opening acts for dance tours including dancing at the royal Albert hall for several occasions.


Louise Grenfell

Improver award for General Athletics and Pentathlons. She has competed in several events for both 800m and 1500m for track and cross county events/ competitions.


Lucy Sharples

Improver award for Music and is part of the school Jazz band and Orchestra playing the trumpet in both. She also self-taught herself guitar, ukulele and also sings and uses her strings to accompany her.


Luke Anscombe

Improver award for Hockey, he has competed in several national and regional competitions.  He has consistently been given captain roles from 2016 onwards for different divisions.