Award Winners Part Two (Tuesday)

This Grant was designed to honour our support the next generation of athletes, artists, and musicians, dancers to change the world and fill it with innovation, integrity, ability and allowing them one day to inspire the next generation.

Queen's Sapphire Jubilee Award Winners 2020 with their awards

Holly Clayton

Improver award for badminton and plays for Herts U18s where she is the champion for singles, mixed and doubles.


Ivanka Eseanobi

Starter award for drama and is a talented up and coming actor with a focus on musical theatre.


James Hamblett

Improver award for Table Tennis and over the past five years has competed in several national games.


James Noble

Improver award for Hockey and has played for several national and regional competitions and was the assistant captain for U12s for two consecutive years.


Kayden Brown

Improver award for Basketball. He has played in several regional, national and international games, including in Budapest in 2019.