S.C.R.A.P fly-tipping

Over the last year in Welwyn Hatfield, we have collected on average 180 fly-tips per month - this equates to around 6 per day.


This number has reduced by 10% compared with the previous year. Follow the S.C.R.A.P code and help us to scrap fly-tipping for good.



Suspect all waste carriers - do not let them take your waste until they have proven themselves to be legitimate.



Check their waste carrier's registration details, then verify them bysearching the Environment Agency website or by calling 03708 506 506. Note downthe registration number ofthe vehicle used to take your waste away.



Refuse unexpected offers to have any rubbish taken away. If you do not trust that someonewho you have spoken to will be disposing of waste legally, report their vehicle registration and name to the Environment Agency.



Ask what exactly is going to happen to your rubbish and seek evidence that is going to be disposed of appropriately.



Paperwork should be obtained. Make sure you get an invoice, waste transfer note or receipt for your waste removal - this should give a description ofthe waste and provide the waste carrier's contact details.


Remember, YOUR waste is YOUR responsibility. Together, lets's #Scrapflytipping.


Let's SCRAP fly-tipping

To report a fly-tip, or to find out how to dispose of excess recycling and waste, please visit the fly tipping enforcement page