Immediate Article 4 Direction on land at Digswell Park Road

The Council has served an immediate Article 4 Direction at Digswell Park Road following the sale/purchase of these land parcels as sub-divided plots.

Digswell viaduct

An Article 4 Direction enables greater management of planning related changes in a particular location. They work by removing permitted development rights over certain works.

This means that planning permission is required for specific developments that would otherwise not require an application for planning permission. This means we can better protect the character or land use in a specific location or area.

The Council is concerned that the sale of these plots increases the possibility of harmful development in the green belt and the setting of a Grade II* listed viaduct such as fences, new accesses and temporary use of the land.  The Direction removes these permitted development rights.  It requires landowners to seek planning permission and creates the opportunity for the Council to take enforcement action if any breaches occur. 

 20-06 A4D Cover Report

20-06-25 Signed Exec Member Decision Notice

20-06-26 A4D Appendix 1

20-06 Appendix 2 CPRE Herts Letter

20-06 Appendix 3 Auction Report