Tips on being a considerate neighbour

Top tips on how you can support your neighbours, which we hope you'll find helpful.


It's great to see neighbours and communities coming together to support each other at this difficult time. If you are worried about a neighbour who you think needs help or may be vulnerable, please contact us for advice.


Please keep noise to a reasonable level. This doesn't mean you can't play music or let your kids play in the garden, but just be aware of your noise levels. Many people are now having to work from home or are unable to leave the house due to Covid-19. For those that do not usually spend much time at home this can take some adjustment. You may also be tempted to do some DIY- please keep the use of noisy machinery to reasonable times of the day and consider how sound might travel into adjoining houses or flats. And please take care of yourselves and the NHS. Nobody wants a trip to A&E, especially right now.

Bonfires & BBQs

As the weather gets warmer and we're spending more time in our gardens, please be aware of how BBQs and bonfires can affect your neighbours. With advice from Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service, we urge people not to light bonfires during this time. There is concern about the health impact of smoke/fumes on neighbours, especially if they are unwell or self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms; the risks to public safety if bonfires get out of control, and the extra strain this places on emergency services responding to these incidents. More information is available here.

If you're planning on lighting a BBQ why not call, text or safely leave your neighbour a note to let them know?


If you're considering a spring clean, please be mindful of what you'll do with any items you want to get rid of, as charity shops are currently closed and the council's bulky waste collection service is suspended. We are aware that some residents are paying private companies to remove items. If you are doing this, please refer to the S.C.R.A.P code for advice or it may end up dumped in your community.   

Children & Young People

If you're a parent or guardian, please ensure your children are also adhering to government guidance. Please don't let them meet with friends, visit parks or leave the house for anything other than the government allows.

Keeping your distance

Please remember to stick to government guidance on social distancing at all times. When in public places, including communal areas, corridors and stairways, please keep at least 2 metres apart from people outside of your household. Remember that whilst you might feel fine, others may be highly vulnerable and it is important we follow these measures to keep everyone safe.

However tempting it may be, please avoid inviting friends and family to BBQs and garden parties, even if you are observing social distancing. An increase of calls to the police and the council of this nature, will take resources away from other issues.

Daily exercise

Remember that government guidance advises people to get their daily fresh air and exercise close to their home and not to take a trip in the car to a park or a walk in the country. This guidance is there for a reason: to keep us safe, protect the NHS and save lives.