Tips on being a considerate neighbour

Top tips on how you can support your neighbours, which we hope you'll find helpful.


It's great to see neighbours and communities coming together to support each other at this difficult time. If you are worried about a neighbour who you think needs help or may be vulnerable, please contact us for advice.


 Please try and make an effort to keep noise to a reasonable level. This doesn't mean you can't play music or let the kids brave the cold and play in the garden, but be conscious of your noise levels. We are all adjusting to spending more time at home as we play our part in protecting the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are working from home or are unable to leave the house due to Covid-19.

You may be tempted to finally start that DIY task you've been putting off, so please ensure you use noisy machinery at reasonable times of the day and consider how sound may travel to your neighbours. Most importantly, take care of yourself during your home improvements, nobody wants a trip to A&E.

Fire Safety

Use this time at home to do your fire safety admin. Check your smoke alarms are in working order and swap out old batteries. Plan and check your escape routes at home to ensure you are prepared should a fire occur. If you have children, why not get the kids involved and practice with your little firefighters?


If a clear-out is one of your New Year's resolutions, please be mindful of what you'll do with any items you want to get rid of. Charity shops are currently closed and the council's bulky waste collection service is also suspended. If you decide to pay a private company to remove items, please refer to the S.C.R.A.P code for advice or it may end up dumped in your community.

Children & Young People

If you're a parent or guardian, please ensure your children are also adhering to government guidance. We know you are getting to grips with their home schooling, but be aware of how they are spending their free time. Please don't let them meet friends or leave the house for anything other than allowed in government guidelines. We understand that keeping them entertained can be difficult, but try taking them out for a daily walk in one of the borough's wonderful green spaces.

Keeping your distance

We all know the importance of sticking to the essential government guidance on social distancing at all times. When in public places, including communal areas, corridors and stairways, please keep at least two metres apart from people outside of your household or support bubble, if you have one.

However tempting it may be, please avoid inviting friends and family over to your home, even if you are observing social distancing. Remember that while you might feel fine, you can have Covid-19 without showing symptoms so it is important we follow all these measures to keep everyone safe

Daily exercise

Regular workouts not only help keep you fit and healthy, they can also be a great way of entertaining your kids, getting fresh air and taking a moment for some mindfulness and self-care. You could try one of the wide array free live and pre-recorded home workouts on sites like YouTube which only require you and some will power!

Remember that government guidance advises people to get their daily fresh air or exercise close to home and not to travel outside of their local area. This guidance is there for a reason: to keep us safe, protect the NHS and save lives.