Tips on being a considerate neighbour

Top tips on how you can support your neighbours, which we hope you'll find helpful.


It's great to see neighbours and communities coming together to support each other at this difficult time. If you are worried about a neighbour who you think needs help or may be vulnerable, please contact us for advice.


Did you know that one of the complaints we get the most is around noise nuisance? In the current climate these calls have increased, and in times like these when we are home more than ever, we need to ensure our homes are a restful places. Making an effort to keep noise to a reasonable level ensures you keep you and your neighbours happy. This doesn't mean you can't play music or let the kids play in the garden, but be conscious of your noise levels.

Noise is considered a nuisance if it is:

  • Unreasonable
  • Causes significant disturbance to you and your household
  • Interferes with the enjoyment of your home

Generally, we will not investigate noise relating to one-off parties but if you are concerned about persistent noise from your neighbours, we recommend you talk to them first to try and resolve the issue.  However if it is not appropriate or safe to talk to them, or the nuisance continues, you can report it online or by calling 01707 357000.

Fire Safety

Use this time at home to do your fire safety admin. Check your smoke alarms are in working order and swap out old batteries. Plan and check your escape routes at home to ensure you are prepared should a fire occur. If you have children, why not get the kids involved and practice with your little firefighters?

A very important thing to remember is as the warmer weather returns, you may be tempted to have bonfires and BBQs. In a safely distanced manner, ask your neighbours before you start your bonfire to check they're okay with it. The fumes could be harmful to them if they're unwell and there is also the risk your fire gets out of control, it will put unnecessary strain on emergency services.

If you are planning a BBQ, ensure you safely dispose of your charcoals when you are done and have a bucket of water or some sand handy nearby just in case. Remember to never leave a fire unattended, especially if you have children or pets or cook whilst intoxicated. These small adjustments can keep you safe, your neighbours happy and does not burden our emergency services who are needed more than ever.


If you are planning a spring clean, please be mindful of what you'll do with any items you want to get rid of. Charity shops are currently closed and will be shortly opened, but they could be overwhelmed by the amount donated when shops re-open on the 12th of April. Fly-tipping is illegal and makes our shared community spaces unattractive and unwelcoming. If you decide to pay a private company to remove items, please refer to the S.C.R.A.P code for advice or it may end up dumped in your community.