Award Winners Part Four (Thursday)

This Grant was designed to honour our support the next generation of athletes, artists, and musicians, dancers to change the world and fill it with innovation, integrity, ability and allowing them one day to inspire the next generation.

Queen's Sapphire Jubilee Award Winners 2020 with their awards


Mason Tidd

Starter award for motocross, in the past year he has been training and learning to balance and ride proficiently. He also has taken part in several competitions and has won two races in 2019.   


Nikodem Miksiewicz

Improver award for Hockey. He has competed in national, regional and international competitions, including winning the U12s national championships in 2018.


Stuart Plumb

Has won our Improver award for Golf. He is the reigning champ for both the men's and junior Mill Green Nett Club competition for the past two years. He is also a qualified Golf instructor.


 Zuzanna Anysek

Starter award for dance. She is one of the youngest members of her dance academy and has just qualified again to represent the FK Academy in 2020 having won 3 Gold medals in competitions.


Tom Sharples

Improver award for cycling. In 2019 he was a part of the 3 man troupe that broke the national U16s spirit record and has taken part in several national competitions after getting a love of cycling from watching the Olympics.


Zak Martinelli

Improver award for Dance. He has won several UK Street Dance Championship - Silver in first competition and 2 x gold medals in his second competition