Herts Ability

Herts Ability is a charity based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, and offers various vehicle-related assessments.

Herts Ability

Our main brief is to carry out assessments for people in cars. This service is also available to those who have no disability, such as older drivers who want to ensure that their driving is still safe, and we consider all options if they are not.

For those with a medical condition, we are able to assess physical and cognitive ability which can indicate if a medical condition is impacting on their ability to drive safely and if any adaptations are appropriate.
Who do we offer advice and assessment to?
•People with a medical condition that may impact their ability to make appropriate decisions with regards to safe driving
•Those with a disability who think they may need special modifications to a motor vehicle in order to be able to control it safely
•Experienced, older drivers who may have concerns about their standard of driving
•Parents/Carers who need to transport people, with restricted mobility in a motor vehicle
•People considering a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)
•People who wish to begin, or return to driving following an illness, injury or accident
•Patients who are recovering from an accident or injury which may temporarily affect their ability to drive or transfer to a vehicle

Seating Clinic information

Herts Ability stock a range of Kingsley Rise and Recline chairs. These are measured to meet your requirements to ensure they are the correct size which will maximise your comfort and support you to be independent for longer. We are also able to offer Made to Measure chairs should this be the most suitable option for you. All of our chairs are COVID-19 compliant meaning that they can be easily cleaned and disinfected between users.
Herts Ability's Occupational Therapist provides free information and advice to suit your needs and where required can offer you further support during our weekly Seating Clinic we operate.
Our assessments are obligation free, meaning that you do not have to purchase a chair from us. We are not sales people and as such we will not try to sell something that we consider to be inappropriate for you. More importantly, we do not work on a commission basis and so are free to give only the best advice available to meet your needs.


Contact Details:

Email - driving@hertsability.org.uk

Tel - 01707 384263


Weltech Centre, Unit 2


Welwyn Garden City


United Kingdom

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Opening hours
Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm, Friday – 9am -4:30pm