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We are a local Social Enterprise, providing parenting support through courses, workshops and 1:1 mentoring of parents and children throughout Hertfordshire and the surrounding area.

We value the knowledge and experience that every parent brings and we aim to build on those skills to enable parents to feel more confident and positive about their own abilities. We can help you understand your child's behaviour and develop effective strategies that really work to improve behaviour and communication and build the foundations for successful family relationships.

Our 6 week courses include:
Talking Families (for parents of children under 12)
Talking Teens (for parents of children 12+),
Understanding Behaviour in your Child with Additional Needs Anger:Escaping the Trap
Talking Dads

Our Workshop topics are broad ranging but include:
Talking Teens
Talking Motivation & Resilience
Talking Stress and Anxiety
Talking ASD and ADHD

Contact Details:

Email -

Tel - 01442 300185

Opening hours
9.00am – 5.00pm (events run during the day and in the evening)