Local elections: five reasons why they matter

Local elections take place on Thursday, 6 May and they matter more than you might think.

Election 5 reasons
  1. Councils spend your money. Councillors decide how much council tax you pay and make local decisions on how that is spent.
  2. Local politics directly affect your everyday life. Think of the little things that bug you in life and chances are it is a council responsibility.
  3. They decide the future of where you live. As well as providing important public services, councils fundamentally shape your local area.
  4. Local councillors are accessible. You are voting for the person you can turn to for help when you need it. It is a councillor's job to hear your concerns and represent your views.
  5. You have the right to vote. Local elections have important consequences for you and your family. Your vote matters - don't lose it.

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