Cabinet reshuffle brings both stability and change

A new-look Cabinet is today announced following local elections which saw the Conservatives retain overall control of the borough council.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Tony Kingsbury

The Annual Council meeting on Monday 23 May will be asked to note the Cabinet Members for 2022/23, with the departure of a long-standing and well respected councillor, a new face taking on a key role, and a familiar one returning to a seven-strong decision making committee.

The reshuffle sees the Cabinet made up as follows.

Cllr Tony Kingsbury - Leader of the Council. Tony will continue to lead the council with a portfolio that also includes regeneration of the borough and the launch of a new transformation programme.

Cllr Stephen Boulton - Resources and Planning. Stephen will take on the deputy leadership following the retirement of Duncan Bell. His portfolio will include planning, finance and estates.

Cllr Samuel Kasumu - Environment and Climate Change. Samuel is new to the Cabinet and will take responsibility for environment services (including waste and recycling) landscape and ecology, and the council's climate change commitments.

Cllr Terry Mitchinson - Leisure and Community. Terry returns to the Cabinet in a role encompassing the council's leisure, culture and entertainment provision. His portfolio will also include community outreach and engagement, and customer services.

Cllr Nick Pace - Governance, Public Health and IT. Nick's role covers those activities where the council has a lead role in ensuring public health is protected, from taxis to food safety and licensing, as well as governance, IT and HR matters.

Cllr Bernard Sarson - Community Safety and Parking. Bernard will continue as the executive member covering the borough-wide community partnership activities and community safety, plus parking and playgrounds.

Cllr Fiona Thomson - Housing. Fiona will continue to lead the housing portfolio, including housing options and applications, planned maintenance, repairs and compliance, private sector housing, and independent living.

Councillor Tony Kingsbury said:

I want to thank Duncan for everything he has given to the council, whether that be as a local councillor for Hatfield Villages, as a trusted deputy to me in my time as leader, and as the Cabinet member who guided the council through the financial instability we have faced in recent years. His stewardship of our finances has enabled us to continue providing the services people value the most.

I know Stephen will be an outstanding deputy in his own right, having been a local councillor for 23 years and served on the Cabinet since 2018 in such a key role. I am also delighted to see Terry return to a portfolio he knows well, and to introduce the talents of Samuel who will join Cabinet for the first time.

With Bernard, Nick and Fiona continuing their work as Cabinet colleagues, I am certain we are well placed to take on the challenges ahead, while delivering on our priorities which have been shaped by the people who live, work and spend their time in Welwyn Hatfield.

Find full details of the Cabinet appointments

What does the Cabinet do?

  • Recommends the budget and key policy proposals to the Full Council for agreement
  • Decides some policies and is responsible for implementation of major plans and strategies
  • Publishes the monthly Forward Plan listing key decisions it will be taking over the next four months. The Forward Plan will include details of who will be consulted and when, so that anyone with an interest can make representations or can attend the meeting
  • Takes most of the key decisions within the budget and policy framework agreed by Full Council
  • Sets up Cabinet Panels to deal with policy and development in individual and specialised areas