Council crackdown on unlicensed HMOs

The council is stepping up its action to crackdown on unscrupulous landlords who operate Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) without a licence.

HMO crackdown

Council teams will carry out checks on all suspected HMOs as part of proactive plans to improve standards in the private rented sector. Landlords who have not applied for a licence risk criminal prosecution or a Civil Penalty Fine of up to £30k.


Sian Chambers, Head of Community and Housing Strategy, said:

We're urging landlords without a licence to speak with us now to avoid potential enforcement action being taken against them.


The vast majority of the borough's landlords operate responsibly, but there are a small minority that don't and this can put their tenants at risk.


Residents can also report HMOs anonymously to us, so if you have any suspicions about a house down your street, please get in touch.


If you are a landlord and are unsure if you need a license - or a resident with concerns about an HMO - please contact the council on 01707 357672 or email:


Landlords can also join the Partnership Accreditation for Landlords (PAL) scheme,  recognising landlords and letting agents who are meeting their legal obligations - and those that go above and beyond to provide good quality rented homes.