Chancellor's school crowned 'champion of champions'

It's not only the Champions League action that's been hotting up in recent weeks - so has the Challenge 12 competition between six local secondary schools!

Challenge 12

A panel of esteemed judges today (Friday, 24 May) crowned Chancellor's School the 'champions of champions' following an action-packed day at Barclays Bank HQ in Canary Wharf.

The competing teams were the winners from each school of the council-run Challenge 12 sessions. The interactive sessions for year 12 students give pupils the opportunity to tackle projects that help build vital employment and life skills.

Today saw the teams challenged with pitching an idea for an event finale for the WGC 2020 celebrations.

Caitlin Norton, the council's events apprentice - who is passionate about young people learning the right skills to prepare them for work - ran the event:

The students did so well today and covered everything from financial planning to health and safety and marketing. I hope it's given the students more confidence and maybe even inspiration to consider a new or different career path.

The winners Chancellor's School pitched their idea of a celebratory family day in WGC town centre, starting with a tea party on Howardsgate to give thanks to the different events that took place throughout the centenary year and to all those that were involved.  The events carried on into the evening, and reflected on the 100 years of Welwyn Garden City and its history.  

Nicola Dunbar, a judge from the WGC BID, and a representative of the Welwyn Garden City Centenary Foundation, said:

Every team produced excellent work today and they should be incredibly proud of their achievements. The judges had a very difficult time deciding the winners, but we were so impressed with Chancellor School's pitch; the creativity, attention to detail and working relationship within the team was superb and, we felt, worthy of the champions crown!