Plans for new housing company set for approval

The council's Cabinet is set to agree a plan on Tuesday (10 October) to bring hundreds more affordable homes to the borough.

Housing company business plan

The report sets out a business plan for a new council-owned company - Now Housing Limited - which is hoped would deliver 370 new homes over the next five years.

The company would focus on providing one and two bedroom properties. These would then be made available to people who can pay more than social rent, but are struggling to afford market prices.

There are also plans to support older people to downsize, giving them an option to move to sheltered housing, and freeing up larger properties for local families.

Cllr Nick Pace, Executive Member for Housing and Communities, said:

We know the affordability of property is an issue for thousands of people in our borough.

Whilst we continue to work hard to build new council homes through our Affordable Housing Programme, the new company will deliver homes that would be available for rent at below market levels, helping those who are not a high priority for council housing.

Now Housing has 74 new homes in the pipeline at Chequersfield and Inspira House in Welwyn Garden City.