Council secures youth injunction

We worked with Hertfordshire Constabulary to successfully secure a 12 month youth injunction against a 15 year old male.

Council offices

The injunction was granted at St Albans Youth Court on Wednesday 4 December, following a series of incidents over a fourteen month period.

An injunction is designed to tackle repeated and ongoing anti-social behaviour, where the people involved have been given significant opportunities to modify their behaviour.

The council sought this course of action after receiving numerous complaints that the young person was committing anti-social behaviour in Welwyn Garden City, including: setting fires, damaging bus stops and property, using foul, abusive and threatening language and carrying a knife.

Under the conditions of the injunction, for the next 12 months the individual (whether by himself or instructing another person) is prohibited from:

  1. Using or threatening to use violent behaviour or language to any person within Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.
  2. Using insulting or abusive language or behaviour to any person within Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.
  3. Causing damage to any property not belonging to the Respondent.
  4. Setting, lighting or causing fires anywhere within Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

In mitigation, the 15 year old male admitted his behaviour had escalated and stated in court that he felt that this injunction would help support him to stop behaving in this manner, and the application was supported by his mother.

Kerry Clifford, Neighbourhood and Enforcement Manager at WHBC, said:

Everyone has the right to live and work without fear of intimidation, nuisance or harassment. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the council, the police and support agencies, this individual continued to cause problems in the borough even though they were given plenty of opportunities to change their behaviour.

An injunction is always a last resort, but we hope that this sends a clear message to anyone else who may become involved in anti-social behavior - we will always act to make sure Welwyn Hatfield is safe for all of our residents.

Police Sergeant Ian Smith, from Welwyn Garden Police Station, said:

This is the result of long term and close partnership working between the police and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. We are committed to dealing with and reducing the level of anti-social behaviour across the town, and I hope this demonstrates our commitment to this and shows if people engage in ASB then they can expect to be dealt with accordingly, using the full range of both criminal and civil powers.