Last chance to have your say on borough's Local Plan

The council has launched a consultation seeking views on sites for around 2,000 homes to be added to the 12,000 in the submitted Local Plan.

Houses at Lime Tree Court

View the consultation and comment.

This is the result of months of work to identify the most suitable sites for development following a call by the Planning Inspector for the council to do more to meet local housing need.

Although the borough's need was independently assessed at 16,000, these proposals would bring the total number of new homes to around 14,000 over the next 20 years.

In addition to seeking views on new housing sites, the council is asking for comment on changes councillors have put forward for the submitted plan, including removing Symondshyde village due to concerns over its sustainability and sites that cause 'moderate to high' harm to the green belt.

However the consultation materials make it clear that only the Inspector can remove sites already included in the submitted plan and he will make these decisions as the public hearing sessions progress.

Councillor Stephen Boulton, Executive Member for Environment and Planning, said:

We believe the proposals we're putting before residents now take account of their concerns about the impact of growth, whilst balancing that with the need to deliver new homes for our future generations.

We understand the development of the Local Plan has been a long and complicated process for people to follow. I hope as we head towards bringing this vital piece of work to its conclusion that people will have their say - it could be their last chance to influence the decisions that will shape our borough for many years to come.

The consultation is open for six weeks until 5pm on Wednesday 1 April.