Bouncy castles and other inflatables

The use of bouncy castles and other inflatables on council-owned land is subject to tight controls.  This is to reduce the risk of death or serious injury from the inflatable being swept away in high winds.

If you are using a bouncy castle on council land, make sure you read the full information on the dedicated page on the main council website. Below is a summary of the advice if you're using a hire company.

Using a hire company

If a hire company is used, they are required to supervise the erection of the inflatable, and its use while on site.

In addition, you should provide us with the following:

  • Details of the manufacturer's recommendations, including minimum stake depth and maximum windspeed for operation.
  • Details of the hire company.
  • An individual risk assessment for the inflatable and the name of a dedicated individual who will be responsible for the inflatable on the day (this may be the same individual as the dedicated wind monitor).

You must also ensure:

  • Use of inflatables is covered by their PLI, or that the hire company provide separate PLI.  PLI to be for a minimum of £5,000,000 per incident.
  • That there is a dedicated windspeed monitor on site, readings should be taken every half hour, or more frequently if conditions require it and recorded.  Details of the device used to measure windspeed must be provided.

Balloons and sky lanterns

We have an outright ban on release of balloons and sky lanterns from council land. This is for environmental reasons.