Council urges residents not to dump donations

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is reminding residents that leaving items outside of charity shops does count as fly-tipping.

Charity shop fly-tip

The appeal follows the council issuing a £300 fine to residents for leaving a number of items outside Isabel Hospice in Hatfield, all of which were all unsellable. The items included an old vacuum cleaner and mattress, and were left outside of opening hours at 7pm.


Using recently installed CCTV, the council was able to track down the people responsible.


Lucy, The Isobel Hospice Manager in Hatfield, said:

When people leave rubbish outside of charities shops after hours it is fly-tipping, not donating. They think they are doing the right thing but items get stolen, ruined or broken and cannot be sold. It then costs us money to dispose of these items.


Councillor Stephen Boulton, Executive Member for Environment, said:

We can understand why people might think this is acceptable, but we want to raise awareness of this case to remind people that it is actually detrimental to the charities they are trying to help. The dumped donations can also attract more fly-tipping, creating an unsightly mess which impacts everyone.


If you have any unwanted items, please visit the shops during their opening hours and speak to a member of staff.


The council is also investigating a fly-tipping case at the recycling bank in The Common car park in Hatfield.


I would also like to remind residents that anything left by the side of recycling banks goes into landfill


The banks are emptied regularly - paper twice a week, and plastic and cans once a week - but if you find they are full, please report it to the council. Any items left outside of the banks is classed as fly-tipping.

says Stephen.


To report any full recycling banks, please call 01707 357000 or email