Additional information about the Oak Hill Cemetery project

More information about the project to develop Oak Hill Cemetery.

Changes during the construction of the Crematorium

Access to the cemetery

Access to the grounds will be maintained during usual operational hours throughout the duration of the construction. To facilitate the installation of utilities services and the widening of the roads of the roads, there will be some changes in the routes around the cemetery, however these will be kept to a minimum, indicated by signage and construction staff will be on had to assist if required.

There won't be any change or issue access when visiting the graves of loved ones at the cemetery. This will be retained to all burial and memorial plots throughout the duration of the construction. There may be some changes to the route taken to access plots.


A small number of spaces, will be taken away during construction however a number of kerb side bays will remain accessible at all times. Spaces will only be taken out for as little time as required.

Funeral services

 All efforts will be undertaken to minimize disruption to funerals. Noisy work will be suspended whilst a service takes place.

Visibility and noise

Robust temporary fencing will be erected around the construction site, and will be sympathetically painted to blend into the landscape as much as possible

All efforts will be undertaken to minimize disruption to funerals. Noisy work will be suspended whilst a service takes place.


Improvements to facilities

A number of new burial plots will be provided once the existing chapel and service buildings have been demolished

The crematorium has been designed to be non-denominational and cater for multi faith. A variety of religious iconography will be available to place in the chapel should it be required.

In the chapel there will be comfortably space for 112 on the ground floor with an additional 39 on the mezzanine level. Additional standing room will be provided within the chapel and also the foyer.


About the planned construction

The name of the new cemetery was inspired by the oak tree which is embedded in Hatfield's history. It features in both the town and borough councils crest which is understood to be in reference to the Oak tree at Hatfield park, where Queen Elizabeth I learnt of her accession to the throne in 1558.

A site analysis was undertaken to ascertain the most appropriate location for a crematorium, and the Lawn Cemetery scored highest when assessed against a range of environmental and transport criteria. There are also many synergies with the existing facility as the boroughs main burial ground which will be greatly enhanced by the new facilities.

Following an open procurement process, RG Carter were awarded with the contract based on a combination of quality and cost criteria. 

About R G Carter

Founded in 1921, R G Carter have been delivering high-quality building, construction and engineering services for public and private clients for over 100 years.

They are passionate about sustainability and supporting communities, and continue to work hard to create, revitalise and renew the very best places and spaces for the benefit of the future generations.

They are currently carrying out work on two other Council sites within the borough and are supported by a trusted design team with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of crematoria.

They have been proudly providing high quality construction services for a century:

Offering experience and specialist knowledge, we combine family values with a passion for innovation. Our approach is based on honesty, trust, and the development of long-term sustainable relationships with our colleagues, clients, suppliers and with the communities in which we work. Together we are building for the future.