Food waste recycling service to start

Welwyn Hatfield residents will soon be able to recycle their food waste into a vital resource that will be used to heat and power local communities, whilst helping us to increase our recycling rate.

food caddy

A new food waste collection service will start later in the year and over the next few weeks, residents will receive a green 23 litre kerbside food caddy.

Food scraps stored in personal kitchen caddies, which are widely available to purchase, should then be transferred to the kerbside caddy to be emptied by our new waste partner, Urbaser, every week.

Food waste fills up over a third of our black waste bins, wasting a valuable resource.

Executive Member, Environment and Planning, Councillor Stephen Boulton said:

The best thing we can all do for the environment (and our pockets!) is to enjoy our food and throw away as little as possible. However, with our new food waste collection service we can now all be sure that not a scrap will go to waste. The contents of everyone's caddy will be recycled locally, which is good news for both the environment and our local communities.

The food waste collection service starts on 2 November. It won't be initially available to residents living in flats but it is hoped to gradually introduce it in the future.

Anyone who hasn't received their caddy by Friday 18th September, should contact the council offices here

For more information about the new service, please see our website.