Pop-up vaccine clinics in Hatfield town centre

First, second, and booster jabs will be available in two pop-up clinics at the Queensway Health Centre on Sunday 21 November and Saturday 4 December, 10am to 3.30pm.

WGC vaccine centre opens
  • The clinic is a walk-in service. No booking is required.
  • People attending do not have to be registered with a GP.
  • Pfizer is the vaccine being offered at this clinic.
  • Pfizer is suitable as a booster jab whatever your first two jabs have been (in fact some evidence suggests that this is the most effective way of vaccinating).
  • If you have had only one jab, but that wasn't Pfizer, you may be OK to have Pfizer as your second jab. You should discuss that with the medical team in the clinic.
  • For any other medical questions, refer to the websites below or  speak to clinical staff on the day.


Jabs available


No jabs offered


First jabs only (unless you have a health condition or are in an at-risk group, in which case second jabs can be offered)

18 and above

First or second jabs

50 and above

Booster jabs available to those who are 50+ and for whom it has been at least six months since your second jab.


Note that 40+ can now book online for their boosters if it has been at least five months since their second jab.

For further information about the vaccine:

-          Ask at the clinic

-          Visit nhs.uk OR www.healthierfuture.org.uk/covid

To find out more about who is taking the vaccine and why:

-          www.getmorefromyourjabs.com