Mayor's Message - 'Community comes together'

I want to say a big thank you to everyone right across the borough. Throughout our communities, our staunch spirit and determination to help is being shown by people of all ages.

Mayor Cllr Roger Trigg

From the hard work going on through our key workers, to the sensible, positive attitude residents are showing in this most unprecedented and worrying of times, I'm immensely grateful. I've lived and worked in the borough for many years, as well as serving you as a councillor, and I've got to know a lot of residents. It's therefore no surprise to me that, when faced with a situation such as the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is pulling together in the most spirited and wonderful ways.

We have together clapped for NHS and all carers, who have been inspirational on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19, with many people sharing videos on social media of local streets - as well as those up and down the country - showing their appreciation.

The Facebook group 'Rainbow Trail' has got people - many of them children - creating some beautiful rainbow pictures to put in their windows for others to find on walks, with some featuring messages encouraging people to stay inside or show support for the NHS. And there have been children sticking messages of support on wheelie bins to show their appreciation for crews. These are lovely uplifting gestures, at a time when spreading positivity has never been more needed.

Then there is the couple who had to postpone their wedding but donated the cake to the staff at Lister Hospital. Another example of how selfless people can be.

Our local organisations and charities are finding great ways to reach out to the community. Please keep supporting them where you can. It will make such a difference, particularly when they do so much for the more vulnerable members of our community.

If you know of any residents who are struggling or vulnerable, please contact Herts Help.  You can also find out ways to volunteer, should you be in a position to, on the council's website; it really is so appreciated.

Which just leaves one more thing to say - thank you again, for helping each other, and taking the advice to stay at home. Keep safe and keep in touch.

Roger Trigg

Councillor and Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield