Hertfordshire agrees extra £2million to help those self-isolating

More than 4,000 residents will now be able to claim for the discretionary £500 self-isolation payments after a £2million investment was agreed.

Covid self-isolation grant

Eligible residents will be able to access the new scheme which works alongside the local Test and Trace programme. Residents that test positive for COVID-19, and are contacted by the local authorities, will be offered the £500 self-isolation payment if they are earning less than £500 per week after tax and National Insurance contributions, on condition that they strictly follow the law and self-isolate, and meet other criteria.

To apply, please go to www.welhat.gov.uk/test-and-trace-support from Monday (1 February).

The £2million of funding was agreed by a key group of public sector partners across public health, NHS, police and environmental health officers. This extra money was approved by the Health Protection Board after the county's 10 district and borough councils had already distributed the previous grants from Central Government.

Cllr Tony Kingsbury, Leader of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, said:

It's really good news that this investment has been made to help the people in our communities to self-isolate should they unfortunately test positive for COVID-19.

Self-isolating is vital in this situation, but as we know, in doing this, the financial burden to many has been so great. To be able to support our residents with these payments where we can means so much, and will really make a difference.

Tim Hutchings, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Prevention at Hertfordshire County Council, said:

This extra £2million will help those people that are eligible to apply for it. Those that are eligible can get access to £500 if they have unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19.

Self-isolating - and not going out in any circumstances - is absolutely critical for us to continue to reduce infections from spreading within our communities. We would welcome any further investment from Central Government in following our lead on this issue.