New rules for business with Europe

New rules apply to things like travel and doing business with Europe.

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The UK has left the EU and new rules came into effect from 1 January 2021. The government has published a Brexit Checker* to tell you what actions you need to take for you, your business and your family. You can also sign-up to e-mail updates to receive notifications.

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Watch this video to find out what the new rules me for your business.


If you're an SME that trades with the EU or move goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, you can apply for a £2k grant. The grant, part of the Government's £20m SME support package, can be used for training for customs, rules of origin and VAT aspects of imports and exports aswell as for professional advice in these areas.

For the latest Trading Standards and Environmental Health updates see Hertfordshire Local  Enterprise Partnership.


Staying in the UK if you're an EU citizen

If you are an EU citizen or from Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, then the Settlement Scheme allows you and your close family members to continue to live and work in the UK. Registration under the scheme will mean that you will remain eligible for:

  • Public services, such as healthcare and schools
  • Public funds and pensions
  • British citizenship, if you want to apply and meet the requirements.

You will need to register under the scheme by 30 June 2021 (or by 31 December 2020 in the event of a no deal).

Check if you need to apply for EU Settlement Status*

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How to apply

This video from by the Home Office explains the two ways of applying for the EU Settlement Scheme.

Using the app

This video by the Home Office gives some tips on applying via the app.

There is an Assisted Digital service for anyone who does not have the appropriate access, skills or confidence to complete the EU Settlement Scheme form.