Judo for Safer Falling Sessions

People holding each others hands

Safe and fun, expert tuition on how to fall safely.

The Judo for Safer Falling workshop is aimed at to teach the principles of safe falling to the elderly, to help to reduce the risk and injuries caused by falls.

These fun and helpful sessions will be ran over a 29 week period by Professor Mike Callan and Katie Mills. They aim to teach various techniques and exercises from the sport of Judo to develop confidence, therefore reduce the fear of falling.

Participants do not need any previous experience and can participate in the exercises they feel comfortable doing, at their own pace. Data from previous workshops has shown that these sessions have proven to reduce the fear of falling in older people. This subsequently means that older people will be able to practice the techniques shown and fall safely.

Please contact katie@judospace.com for more information.

Date: 6th November 2023 - 10th December 2023 Recurs weekly on Monday.

Location: Herts Sports Village Hatfield Business Park Park Office, De Havilland Campus, Mosquito Way, Hatfield AL10 9EU

Cost: Free

Time: 16:30 - 17:15