Hatfield Public Spaces Protection Order consultation reminder

High view pspo

WHBC would like to remind residents and businesses that the consultations on the two Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) for Hatfield town centre and Hilltop Way/High View are still live.

The first consultation is to establish the need for an extension of the existing PSPO for Hatfield town centre for another three years before it expires on 30 July 2024, and the second consultation is the proposal to introduce a PSPO to cover Hilltop Way/High View area in Hatfield.   ​​    

​A PSPO helps to protect public spaces and the community, giving the police and Council officers additional powers to issue fixed penalty notices and prosecute those responsible for anti-social behaviour. The proposed PSPOs will mean that measures will be put in place on parts of Hatfield town centre and parts of the Hilltop Way/High View area to tackle anti-social behaviour in those areas.

The consultations are open until 14 March 2024, with businesses, residents and visitors to the area invited to have their say.

​Outreach and support work will remain the major focus to tackle issues around begging, street drinking and rough sleeping. The PSPO will provide a useful tool in some cases where individuals are not engaging with support services and more serious action is necessary.​     ​    

​Councillor Sandreni Bonfante, Executive Member for Environment, said: “We need a robust approach to anti-social behaviour so that our town centres remain spaces that everyone can enjoy and PSPOs are one way to help us achieve that aim.  The deadline to complete the Hatfield and High View consultations is approaching so I would encourage residents and businesses to take part in the consultations using the links or number below.”    

For more detail on the proposed PSPO’s and to take part in the consultations, for Hatfield please visit www.welhat.gov.uk/hatfield-pspo and for High View, visit www.welhat.gov.uk/high-view-pspo or call 01707 357706 and request a consultation pack to be sent to you.   

Published: 7th March 2024