Hertfordshire Beacon Victim Care - Health and wellbeing

Beacon provides support to anyone who has been affected by crime in Hertfordshire.
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We provide a free and confidential service staffed with trained and empathetic professionals, known as Vulnerable Victim Case Managers. The Case Managers use victim centred and restorative approaches by putting the individual's needs first. This is completed by conducting a needs assessment, which takes into account the impact and harm caused by the crime. This includes any physical, emotional, psychological or financial hardships caused. From the needs assessment the Case Manager develops a package of support tailored to the individual's needs. We can also support a victim who chooses not to report the crime to the police, in the hope that no one victim is left behind.

Beacon can offer the following support to help individuals cope and recover from their ordeal:
• Practical support, advice and information.
• Crime prevention measures
• Someone to talk to in confidence.
• Liaison with other organisations on behalf of victims.
• Contact with other sources of help and access to specialist support
• Restorative Justice (a chance for the victim to communicate with the perpetrator if appropriate)

Where appropriate and with client consent, this can also include a referral to partner agencies who have the specialist skills and knowledge to support the client.

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