Herts Ability - Health and wellbeing

Herts Ability is a charity based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, and offers various vehicle-related assessments.
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Our main brief is to carry out assessments for people in cars. This service is also available to those who have no disability, such as older drivers who want to ensure that their driving is still safe, and we consider all options if they are not.

For those with a medical condition, we are able to assess physical and cognitive ability which can indicate if a medical condition is impacting on their ability to drive safely and if any adaptations are appropriate.
Who do we offer advice and assessment to?
•People with a medical condition that may impact their ability to make appropriate decisions with regards to safe driving
•Those with a disability who think they may need special modifications to a motor vehicle in order to be able to control it safely
•Experienced, older drivers who may have concerns about their standard of driving
•Parents/Carers who need to transport people, with restricted mobility in a motor vehicle
•People considering a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)
•People who wish to begin, or return to driving following an illness, injury or accident
•Patients who are recovering from an accident or injury which may temporarily affect their ability to drive or transfer to a vehicle

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Weltech Centre, Unit 2
Welwyn Garden City
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