Link Drive

Link Drive CGI

80 new homes in Hatfield will be created which complement the existing landscape and architecture while retaining the skate park. The new homes will be contained within a six-storey building, with covered parking within its ground floor.

The council's development management committee approved the £23m redevelopment of Link Drive in July. The works are scheduled to start in spring 2021 following the opening of the new multi-storey car park at The Common so the existing parking can be consolidated there.

Design development

Much care has been devoted to the integration of the development with its surroundings and the unique characteristics of the site, particularly the retention of the existing mature trees around the boundaries to the north, east and south sides of the site. As with the development at One Town Centre, the designs developed on Link Drive have also been designed to ensure they reflect the best of old and new in Hatfield's built heritage.