Where does your recycling go?

Find out what happens to your recycling after it's collected.

Once collected all the borough's recycling is taken to Pearce Recycling in St Albans. It goes through their Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) for sorting, where recyclables are separated by type and bulked ready for reprocessing.

Following this, the materials are then sold on by Pearce. The materials are sold onto different places depending on the type and quality of material as well as the market conditions at the time. Pearce make every effort to keep the materials within the UK, but sometimes there are no viable options to have the materials reprocessed here.


What can we recycle in the UK?

Much of our recycling, such as separately collected newspapers and magazines, steel and aluminium cans and textiles are sent to reprocessors here in the UK.

All of the organic materials collected in Hertfordshire, such as garden waste and food waste, are also processed here in the UK including at facilities in Hertfordshire.

Someitmes the demand for a material just does not exist in the UK, or the markets do not have sufficient capacity to be able to absorb it. In these cases it necessary to all allow our partners to trade the recyclables internationally in order to achieve the best income and lowest costs.

Any recyclables that are processed outside the UK must comply with current government regulations.


Where can I find out more?

For more information about what happens to yout recycling once it is collected please visit the Hertfordshire County Council website.