Oak Hill Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium

We are updating our bereavement services to offer a new bereavement services complex, including a larger chapel for burial and cremation.

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The existing Lawn Cemetery does not have the facility to carry out cremations and we identified a need to improve this to help address increased waiting and travelling times to Crematoriums outside of the borough.

The development will:

  • provide a new larger chapel for burial and cremation funeral services
  • combine facilities for both cremation and burial services
  • serve as a space for remembrance services throughout the year
  • replace the existing buildings at the entrance to the cemetery with new landscaping and areas for burial
  • maintain safe access to the cemetery for visiting members of the public during it's construction
  • continue to allow visitors to visit existing gravestones (during the current hours of operation)

 The Bereavement Services Team reception will be located here, making access to staff easier and improving facilities for visitors.

The design of the new development:

  • aims to avoid the one size fits all approach that characterises many new crematorium developments
  • reflects the context and respects the dignity of the occasion
  • will sit below the tree line when first viewed from the entrance, minimising its impact on the openness of the greenbelt.

When visitors enter the site and reach the top of the ridge they will be in an open area, landscaped with new planting and trees. This new vista provides long views across the cemetery and the valley beyond.

For more information see the updates below and the additional information. If you need more help email the Bereavement Team at propertydevelopment@welhat.gov.uk or call 01707 357000 (Option 6).

Crematorium construction update:

Autumn 2022

Works are still on schedule to be finished in Spring 2023:

  • The main structure of the Bereavement Centre is now in place after a busy and productive summer by our contractors, R G Carter.
  • The chapel brickwork is almost complete, and a green roof has been installed.
  • The external area brickwork is expected to be complete by Christmas.
  • The mains gas, water and electric ducts are being installed.
  • First fix electrics have commenced and the cremator has been delivered ready for installation.
  • All of the former chapel, lodge and workshop buildings have been demolished and the area fenced off.
  • The demolished area has been returned to topsoil and is intended to be used as additional burial space as well as landscaped spaces and gardens.
  • The wood panelling is in on the internal structure, providing more of a finished feel.

Please note entry and exit to the cemetery is now along the roadway running along the top part of the site which has been made two-way for all traffic.

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Crematorium  CGICrematorium CGI