Woodhall Opportunities Project - Health and wellbeing

Located in Woodhall Community Centre, the opportunities project provides support, activities and learning for persons aged 16 and over with complex needs including (but not limited to) autism, learning difficulties, mental health and disabilities.
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We take people on a referral basis who can privately fund or come with a funding package.
We use a person centred approach to support people and build life skills and vocational skills by learning through fun. We focus our days around Horticulture, arts and crafts, sports and outdoors, music and movement, and shop, cook and eat.

We will soon start to offer tailor-made courses with certified qualifications at the end of successful completion.
The people who use our service co-produce it and are heavily involved in the community and the work we do to improve the centre and local area.

Community Centre
Mill Green Road
Welwyn Garden City
United Kingdom